Friday, April 10, 2009

The LONGEST week EVER: April 6-10, 2009

Seriously, could this week be any longer? Not only has it been long, it's been fairly COLD too. Long & Cold??? Nope, not a good combo!!

Im sitting here dumb founded cause im trying to decide if I really need to air my business to the world or if I should just go get a couple cases of COLDIES (beer) and get stupid drunk? I have to be careful about airing my business on here cause of the eyes that read it. (sorry, but my family doesnt need to know EVERYTHING that goes in my life).. so I guess coldies, a good friend and private business airing session is in order for tonight.

Here are a few issues that will be on the table for discussion:
1). Money
2). Dudes
3). Birth Control (and how much it sucks)
4). Work
5). What ever else my friend wants to talk about.

I can touch on these things:

1). I hate money cause I have none. With out getting in too deep because honestly, who isnt having money issues these days? Unless you won that Powerball Wed night.. then you can go screw yourself cause I was supposed to win that!! Anyway, Im working, but making crap for money and it's just not cutting it on the bill paying thing and im falling behind once again!

2). Where do I start with Dudes? Seriously, I know for sure that they came from freakin Mars. Im not good at this shit.. and im thinking about that golf course thing that CDM suggested in my last post (see comments section on "Caught in a Whirlwind). More on this later....

3). Enough said

4). So, i am working cause my lovely friend Delia got me a job temporarily, which has turned out to be a long term thing. Well, I have interviewed for a position with the city and im fairly certain that I have a good shot at this. Im excited about it cause its decent pay, GREAT benefits and the job its self would be gratifying.. and always room for advancement. However, it's NOT in the bag yet. With that being said, I like where im working, however, I hate the drive and I hate paying for parking everyday and if you dont understand this... see #1.

5). I already know my friend has stuff to talk about too so I cant wait for her to chug a few beers and loosen up! Then shes as good as an open book, baby!!! :)
Well, it's about time for me to get outta here. I have a 2pm appointment today and im hoping for good news on Monday to start my week out on a good note. Then I wont have to post negative shit on Fridays & complain about how my week sucked!
**On a side note: No, im not having a baby and no im not getting married! (this is to attract the attention of my aunt Katherine!!)
Happy Easter and peace!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Caught in a Whirlwind

Is March gone already?
A few good reasons March is behind us:

1. Officially spring is here, but mother nature keeps playing these tricks on us and brings us snow... WHERE IS MY WARM WEATHER? Enough is enough.

2. My grandmother passed away on March 18th.
My mother's mom.. my last grandparent.

3. Had to cancel the 60th birthday party for my mom cause of my grandmothers passing.

4. Just a bad month.. Adios March!
So, today is April 3rd and the high temperature here in lovely Minneapolis was something lame like 47. WTF? I want something above 60 degrees already. We deserve it. We got a shit load of snow this year.. winter came early and seems to just be hanging on. My winter clothes are ready for the box.. NOW. My flip flops are begging to be worn.. although they have had appearances in the past few weeks despite the cold. OH.. guess what? Were supposed to get a snow storm this weekend.. Mother-E-ffer!!
My grandmother (left), Margie, passed away on March 18th. She was 86 years old.. almost 87. Yes, she lived a good life. The quick story: about a week before she passed, she was at home & felt the need to dust her china hutch. Only God knows why cause she could hardly walk, let alone bend over and dust. She lost balance and fell backwards onto her coffee table and broke her rib on the left side. She ended up in the hospital. While in the hospital, she developed Pneumonia.. NOT GOOD when your 86 years old. Well, she never recovered. Had she pulled through all of this, her quality of life would have been ZERO. She would have went to a nursing home (ICK), been on 100% Oxygen for the remainder of her life and she would have been miserable. We didnt want that for her. She worked hard all her life, she was a great mother, grandmother, wife, sister and Friend. Just look at her! She was the sweetest lady I knew (well, my mom is pretty sweet too I must say). My mom and her brothers decided to take her off the O2 and let her die (a couple days before, she stated to my mom that she wished God would just take her). Im so grateful that I got to be at her bedside, rubbing her forehead and hair when she took her last breath of life! I felt very much at peace the whole day I was with her when she died.. I didnt feel sad. Before I went to the hospital, my boyfriend (OH.. did I say that??) told me that everything was going to be ok cause God will be there with me. And you know what? Im positive he was there with me. It was a little overwhelming to watch my grandma struggle with her breathing when they took her off the oxygen.. and then I lost it.. as did all my relatives in the room with her. My mom looked at her (they were best friends) and told her "Mom, it's ok.. go to sleep and go be with dad"... argh.. it brings tears to my eyes now thinking about it.

Her funeral was this past Tuesday. It went very well. She looked beautiful as always! It was very easy for me to know she is somewhere running, walking, dancing and so much more with my grandfather and her other friends. It was always hard for me to see her in so much pain.. all the time. Now I know she's FREE! xoxo to my grandmother! She is missed sooo much!
Since you cant plan things like dying, we had to cancel my mom's 60th birthday party that was all ready to rock n roll. I was really bummed out about it because I put some time and money into this whole thing and was really looking forward to it. Obviously my mom was in no shape to Party on down.. so we made phone calls and canceled it. It will NOT be resecheduled. :( Maybe next year for 61.
About the ONLY good thing to come out of March (and im not sure this is all that great either) is MARCH MADNESS baby!! Yes, im an avid Basketball fan.. LOVE IT! And because I love it so
much, I lost my mind and decided to bet a case of beer with my brother-in-law on our brackets. We put our brackets up against eachother. I did AWESOME the first round... and then it all went downhill from there. I chose Louisville to take it all.. and those fools failed me! And guess what? I cant recover my points now cause im down too far, so I now owe my brother in law a case of freakin beer. dammit! Oh well, im sure I will get to indulge with him!
Did I mention that I now have a sweetheart? That's right folks.. I snagged me a nice fella! He goes by Scott, Scooter, Honey, Baby, Sweetheart.. etc.. more on him later cause Im getting ready to go watch a movie at his crib! lol.. He is the ONLY good thing to come out of March with me. We have known eachother for 6 months now.. just taking things snail slow. And it's all good. I have nothing bad to say about him today!

I leave you with a picture of US! My heart is full of JOY!
Peace, Love & Happiness!!