Monday, December 15, 2008

Monday Down & 4 Days to go!

I can hardly believe that this is my last Monday of work. It seems impossible. I have worked for my company just shy of 3 years.. but seriously, it seems like FOREVER! So, I have been reminiscing the past few days.. thinking about when I first started here how I knew NOTHING.. knew no one and was kind of frightened. Then I started learning my job.. started making friends.. started to feel very comfortable. And now it all comes to an end on Friday. Im wondering who I will remain in contact with, im wondering what everyone will do.. where they end up? Hell, screw everyone else.. im wondering where I will end up! Im actually excited to think that I will have a couple weeks off.. still getting paid.. and dont have to get up in the mornings, dont have to get to bed at a decent hour at night (minus the party nights). This could be trouble. The one thing that I dont want to get too comfortable with.. sleeping in and staying up too late.

With this economy and everyone and their grandma looking for jobs, im wondering how hard it will be to find a decent job. Ive never had a problem getting jobs in the past.. so I think im feeling a little over confident that im going to find something right away. I have applied for a few positions.. 2 jobs through my company and sent off a few resumes and one application for employemnt (didnt think these existed anymore other than at McDonalds). I think what I need to do is sit down, gather my thoughts and really figure out what I want to do. I dont have a 'traditional' job so I dont think i want a desk job again. But what do I REALLY want to do?
Im thinking of a quick trip to Colorado.. that's what I really want to do. lol.. why not? Life is short.

Nothing too exciting is happening in my life.. just partying, working and sleeping. I have not started my Christmas shopping yet cause I hate shopping. I told my nephew the other day that he and I will go shopping the day before Christmas Eve and he can pick out his present.. and will do the same with the others. My dad told me to get my brothers CASH.. so that's what they will get. We decided to not exchange gifts this year with adults. So, I will get nothing.. cause I have no kids to buy for! hahaha... but it's all good. I guess I dont really care. My family in the past got too overboard with presents and all and it's so ridiculous. There isnt anything out there that I could buy for my mom that she really wants (just things I cant afford anyway).. and same with my dad. My sister and I just dont exchange gifts for anything anymore. My dad and I started the father/daughter tradition last year on Christmas Eve. I go to my mom's house for a couple hours.. then meet my dad and we go drink some Christmas Cheer (Beer) at the local pub. We had so much fun doing it last year, that were doing it again this year!

The dating scene has settled down now.. kind of backing off everything for a while. And it's that time of year when life is too busy to include dating. Last day of work on Friday, Family Christmas up north on Sat but will stay up there until Monday, Doctor on Tues, Christmas shopping on Wed, Holiday.. and then hoping to shoot out to Denver on Friday the 26th. That would be awesome. My friends have been begging me to come out for a while now... and then were back in time for New Years Eve.. which I have nothing planned.

Well, the weather outside SUCKS. Have I ever told you how much I HATE winter? Well, we were supposed to get this huge snow storm yesterday. Then I wake up and it's RAINING instead. But that's the nightmare.. it rains cause it's 38 degrees out.. then the thermostat gets turned down to 16 degrees.. so all the wet roads FREEZE and makes for a traveling nightmare. The northern part of MN got a lot of snow though.. some places over a foot. And I wake up this morning to NEGATIVE 8 for the temp.. my truck is like a freakin ice cube.. doors are frozen shut. UGH! I hate winter.. and look where I live! Im stupid! Can you imagine waking up to that (pic above) in the morning?
That's all for now.. more to come as the close of the floor draws near!